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you're always trying to keep it real

"You know I'm gonna... start looking like a pretty big dork soon. So are you still gonna think I'm cute when I'm huge?"
"I always think you're cute... I think you're beautiful."
"Jeez, Bleek..."
"Well, I do."

I finally got to watch Juno a while ago. I was really excited about it since I've been wanting to watch it since I read about it from random entries and whatnots on the internet. I absolutely fell in love with the story, the characters and the soundtrack. I won't go into details though, since I'm lazy lol. All I can say that is I love Juno and Bleeker's relationship and I kind of want a relationship like theirs. I'm hoping that I can actually find the cheese to my macaroni. I want the Bleeker to my Juno. Srsly.

And Michael Cera and Ellen Page's cover of 'Anyone Else But You' by the Moldy Peaches is wizard really cute and awesome. If I actually turn out to be one of those girls who'd want their own song with their special someone or does, like, everybody want this?, I'd like this song to be it 8D.

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