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remember me?

Hey guys :D

Bet you're wondering who I am, huh? Or if you do remember who I am, you're probably wondering where I've been. Well. Before any of that, I just want to say... OMFG GUYS, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH. Lots of things have happened the past 6 (or is it 7?) months.. i.e. I: went to Singapore, am now a second year college student, apparently got confessed to but the guy is apparently hot and cold and stuff apparently (LOLOLOL) and other stuff. HOW ARE YOU, GEEKS ♥? :D :D :D

Anyway, the point(s) of this entry:
- I'M BACK~ ...and hopefully here to stay aha; and
- I'M MOVING TO AN EFFIN' NEW LJ: ayanix because I kind-of-sort-of want to start anew... but I still want to be friends with you guys ;_; and it'd be awesome if you shared the sentiment. I'll be adding you guys a little while later.


do you remember me now?

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