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This is my first post for the month of May and, so far, this month has been full of awesomeness. Sure, the constant rainfall pisses me off since it's summer but other than that, everything has been fine. Oh, oh. And I transferred to my new bedroom just recently 8D. It's more spacious and I got to organize all my stuff while I was moving... all my stuff :B

I tidied up my hard drive long ago and found out that I had lots of memory to save stuff in. So, I've been enjoying downloading anime and manga 8D I've just downloaded the fifth episode of Code Geass and it was such a great episode. SUZAKUUUU ಥ___ಥ. I'll refrain from dishing out any direct spoilers but it was really an awesome episode. Especially halfway through Suzaku's welcoming 'party'. I especially liked the hilarious mayhem with C.C. and Kallen and company. And the ending AKSFHAKJGA. Oh Suzaku, you~ Is it obvious that I'm a Suzaku fangirl :B?

The anime adaptation of Junjou Romantica is just perfect. As expected, they toned down all the groping and fondling we've seen in the manga, but the sexiness of each situation was still there so I'm happy 8D. I kinda like the OP and ED for the series too. I also like the parts where the characters are animated SD-style. We don't get those in the manga but having those in the anime amuse me greatly.

And while I was waiting for the various anime and manga to finish downloading, I played The World Ends With You and AJ:AA on the DS for the most part. I'm still on the third case on AJ:AA and I have no excuses as to why I haven't finished it yet ahaha. I have an idea of what's going to happen for the next cases so perhaps I don't want to continue because of that? I honestly don't know. TWEWY is mofo awesome. It's a game like no other. Also, Neku = Sasuke. SERIOUSLY.

Starting tomorrow I'll be taking care of one of our stores that's walking distance from our house for my summer job. I get paid Php 900 for each week and I'm seriously bummed that I did not think of working there earlier D: Wish me luck, guys!

Also, I'd like to welcome the newest additions to my friends list: paper_pirates, lg_65, belle_favrielle and marbles_chan. HAI GUYS, ILU :D. 3/4 of you I met from capstara I think? so... yeah. WELCOME! I hope you can stomach the lame that is me :'D.