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Dear TRC fandom/F!list in TRC fandom,

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On the bright side, I finally had my hair cut 8DD~ *sparklesparkles* It's shorter than I originally wanted but it looks fine XP.

And yesterday was my big brother's birthday. He's 18 now :] He's my "special" brother, though I forget most of the time because I treat him as a little sister does with her older brother. You know, get into fights with him, join my other older brother in teasing him about his *ahem* sexuality, the usual *beams*

Got a new book too. It's "On the Bright Side, I'm now the Girlfriend of a Sex God" by Louise Rennison. OH HO HO >D I have no idea what to expect but it has sex in the title so ZOMG I have to hide this from my mom *GASP* XDD I hope it's amusing XP. It was on sale so I bought it, I was originally going to buy the piano sheet for "The Prayer" but while I was scanning the aisle of books on sale, I saw this book and a book about the terms used in Physics so I bought them both. I know, I'm such a geek D8

Tomorrow's the National Career Assessment Examinations. It's a requirement for all the high school graduating students in the Philippines so we know the suitable course according to our skills. We spent all week last week reviewing and taking the mock exams so I'm a bit nervous but mostly excited XD. I got 46/50 in the exams for Math :DD and I'm hoping to get high scores in Math and the Mechanical Reasoning tests and some other ones but I forget because they're related to Engineering :3 So yeah, wish us all luck guys! XD YOOSH!

I officially have a new fandom :D and I'm hoping to post an icon batch later with some icons of this fandom and some of my other very missed fandoms this week or on the first week of September 8D I'm also itching to write fanfiction but I'm not sure where to start @_@.

P.S. *is proud for not disappearing and being inactive once again* XDD
P.P.S. I love you my dearest f!list~ :DDD