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[G00] hey there stranger

here's to all the broken hearts

I tidied up my room a bit a while ago to chase away some of my boredom. All my high school books and notebooks as a senior are now hidden in the depths of our garage XD It's awesome to be able to see the floor of my bedroom again y/y?

Spent the past days downloading manga and whatnot. I also managed to finish my SasuSaku claim over at 10_lyricons  and posted it over at rooftop_icons  here. I had lots of fun making them because it's been a really long time since I experimented with icons :3 I'll make more icons and post another batch after I encash the AY check and submit my application form at Teriyaki Boy tomorrow and after I go to school for my report card the day after tomorrow... and when I have free time during the following days/weeks my fellow members at the school newspaper and I shall be making our yearbook D:

Ah, might as well.


A happy birthday to Clone!Syaoran as well~
[G00] hey there stranger

★ but you believed that i could be somebody ☆

Katekyo Hitman Reborn = EPIC WIN. I downloaded the first 5 volumes a long time ago but I only managed to download until the latest chapter this holy week. I recommend this manga to all shounen manga/anime enthusiasts out there. Not only is the artwork pretty (THE GUYS ARE SO ASGHALHSL HOT - refer to icon: y/y?) but it also has a great and exciting plot. And if Naruto = Ninja, Bleach = Shinigami, One Piece = Pirates, KHR = MAFIA. MAFIA = 100000x COOLNESS. I know I'm babbling and all but it's a really great manga. I was glued to my computer screen the whole time I was reading it. The characters are so very entertaining, endearing and original. I changed my moodtheme to a KHR one and almost all of my icons at the moment are KHR ones 8D I know, obsessed much? Give it a chance, ne?

I've been listening to songs by Hedley the past holy week and you guys should check them out if you fancy pop punk and rock IUNNO. I mean, only if you want to. I have their songs on repeat in my ipod and I haven't gotten tired of their songs. "For The Nights I Can't Remember" is the sweetest love song from all the songs I've recently heard. Basically, the song's about a guy saying sorry to his lover for all the wrong things he has done, i.e. drinking too much, hence the title. "Narcissist" bashes, well, narcissists. It's a lot of fun to sing along to it and doing so helps me vent suppressed emotions and frustrations XD. They have lots of other great songs but I'm too lazy to mention them all.

Graduation practices resume tomorrow until the 27th, graduation day. I really can't wait 8D I'm considering having a summer job at this fastfood but-not-really joint and interviews begin on the first of April. I hope I get accepted >_<. My schedule for enrollment at SLU is on the morning of the 12th of April and I can't wait for that either XD New batch of icons will probably be posted after graduation and after the school newspaper and yearbook is done D: TORTUREEEE

Ahaha, anyway, hope everyone is feeling okay/better. I miss you guys :3

Edit: Naruto 394 totally calls for an entry edit.

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