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make a mess of all the plans we made


I made Salutatorian!


Principal explained how the faculty determines who'll be in the honor roll and said that half of the results come from our grades or performance in our junior year. When I realized that, I was sure I wouldn't be valedictorian XD. My friend's the valedictorian and I'm happy for the both of us and also for the other people who got in the honor roll. My adviser spoke with me about it and asked me if I was expecting to be the valedictorian and I was like "Uhm... Not really..." and she went on to explain what I kind of figured out earlier.

[EQUATION: (constantly being #1 during 3rd year + being #2 during 4th year) > (being #3 during 3rd year + being #1 during 4th year + procrastination)]

Still, having such a little number of students (11?) in the honor roll bites ass :/

Oh, and I officially got that AY National Discipline Award thing! HAHI~ MEDALFTW

Other Stuff:
- Will be applying for summer job during the first week of April (Hope I get accepted >_<)
- In the process of coming up with a new fanfiction story (and I'm having lots of fun with it XD)
- Currently searching for inspiration for graphics purposes
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that weirdo with five colours in her hair

Last Friday, March 14, the seniors embarked on a wonderful trip to Vigan, the oldest surviving Spanish colonial city in the Philippines. The sights were still stunning even if it was my 2nd time going there. My friends and I who were staying on the same bus had lots of fun taking pictures and, well, having fun! I also slept over at Alyssa's house with Micah and Pauline the night before and slept over after the trip with Micah and Rhiza. I had a great time there XD and we (Rhiza and I, mostly) were laughing our asses off all night and early morning while we were playing the Sims 2 Life Stories on Aly's laptop. Let's just say I have this... unique way of creating Sims based on real people XP~

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L-R: Mara, Onada, Me, Sophia; Carmina's the one at the back
</div> The only injustice that happened during that trip was the dispersing of our section because we had the least number of students coming to the trip. Basically, we were distributed to the three other sections and the news caused lots of frustration and tension for our class D: The field trip was our chance to have some actual 'class bonding' and it seriously still sucks to be stripped away of that chance.

Graduation's on the 27th and I'm psyched 8D! I can't wait to finally graduate from high school even though I'm nervous of what's going to happen during college life X3;; On that note, I've decided to study at SLU here in Baguio. I'd really, really like to study at UPD but it's impractical for my family and our financial status so... yeah. Hahaha.

Anyways, did you guys hear about the winner of Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) 2008? I mean, SERIOUSLY. "Ok, I'm so sorry... I... I told you that I'm so confident... Eto, Ahhmm, Wait... Hahahaha" Not trying to be mean, you know. Just disappointed :/

Breakdown of what's happened since my last post:
- My groupmates/friends and I made a movie for English and got a perfect score for it. Had lots of fun doing it too XD I was the director and cameraman and they slept over at my house before the single day of the shooting. We spent the time watching this Asian horror movie. Good times, good times.
- I now have a mark on my attendance record because of a day of absence and a morning when I was tardy
- Had this turnover ceremony of responsibility between the current student council officers and the newly elected ones. I can't say I won't miss my co-officers. They're a blast to be with.
- Soundtrip: McFly, Click Five (old CF and new CF) [I love their 'Band behind the band' webisodes!! XD], Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Paramore, and Secondhand Serenade
- Gabi ng Parangal and graduation practices. Constantly pooped because of them D: One event down, one to go! FAI-TO!
- Organized Friendster profile (somewhat)
[G00] hey there stranger

let's take it from the top

Ara~ Where should I start? XD A lot has happened since my last post and I'm glad that most of them were good things.

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Also, my friends and I almost had this falling out due to some events that happened before last year ended and because of a certain friend who has a penchant for not telling the truth and having an active imagination :D We're all okay, I think... but I feel so sad and frustrated about the 'almost falling out' because I seriously don't want to lose my friends XP

Yesterday was our school's annual Family Day and it pretty much sucked (sorry XP) big time. I thought it'd be a great day since it was going to be held at the Camp John Hay picnic grounds but it was raining yesterday so we all transferred to the covered court next to it and we all looked like people staying at some kind of evacuation center IMHO >_>. So my friends and I went to the CJH entertainment center(?) and played bump cars and billiards. HAHAHAHA!!! Playing billiards was fun ;D We laughed at each other's mistakes and generally had a great time. I got to shoot a lot of balls in despite yesterday only being my second time playing that game in real life. One of my friends declared yesterday "Hustler's Day" so we had a lot of fun with that too. After that, we went to SM and strolled a bit before eating lunch/merienda at Mcdonalds.

... And I love my older sister ;D She gave me her extra DVD writer/burner and her husband just installed it a while ago. She also said that they'd be giving me new and bigger memory for my PC and, and, and YEEEAAAHZ~ I'm so excited and happy and thrilled and GYAH!

Those are basically the things that happened since the start of the new year 8D I can't think of anything else at the moment :P




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[Hana Kimi] Nakatsu (=^_^=)


After another two months of absence from yours truly, I am again ze back! 8D *sparkles* Being a high school senior is actually really difficult @_@. So many requirements to pass and it doesn't help that people have somewhat high expectations of me. But don't worry my dear friends for my absence is/was not in vain! I have been very, VERY productive during the time I was gone *raises eyebrows suggestively* OHOHOHO~♥♥♥

For one, I took my first college admission test for University of the Philippines. I didn't even review. GAH. I am so gonna fail... though I really hope I won't :[ I guess it's already too much to hope to get in the Top 50 without even reviewing for the test, huh? ;____; The campus I'm applying for is UP Diliman, first course is Electronics and Communications Engineering and second is Chemical Engineering. XD I'm not even sure if I'm going to take those courses since I'm very indecisive about what course I'm going to take at this moment of time. Srsly, one of the main reasons why I'm going to take up engineering is because I'm pretty good at math and because my dad's an engineer and perhaps he could help me in my times of stupidity need... though I highly doubt that now because he's in America having the greatest time of his life *bitter* :[ doing... uhm, something.

AND ZOMG I'VE FINISHED ALL OF MY PROJECTS/REQUIREMENTS/ASSIGNMENTS ON TIME. Something I rarely do. I even passed my home economics project ahead of time! Gah! I'm so happy for myself XD~ My only problem now is our group project in computer where we have to draw the interface for microsoft powerpoint on a one half illustration board and our physics investigatory project. But those don't count because those are group works and I swear to God if my group mates make me do all the work again I'll cut their effin' heads off >:(

Ah! And I've mentioned about being accepted into the debate in my last post, right? Yeah. Surprisingly :O Being part of the debate team is really fun :D Last year, we were only a few select people but now, there are a whole lot more of us because it became an official extracurricular thing. Our school sent two teams for another debate competition, and I was a member of one of those teams and we reached the quarter finals! ^__^ We didn't win but still, it was a grave improvement from our experience last year. Ahahaha. Our facilitator/the teacher-in-charge is great 8D He really knows what he's doing and he schedules debates for everybody in the debating team to improve and all that jazz. YOSH!

Also, Hana Kimi, Yamada Taro, Code Geass, and Naruto and a whole lot more totally pwns . Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to catch up on Tsubasa D: but I'm sure it totally pwns too kukukuku...